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Here's the big news - Rich started a NEW YouTube channel.

With schools canceled and a government mandate to stay indoors, Rich decided to share his passion and knowledge about all things personal finance--money management, retirement, entrepreneurship, side hustles, real estate, and overall how to plan for a happy and healthy life.

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Here are the best balance transfer and 0% APR credits cards right now - and a breakdown of how each could help you to optimize spending and pay down debt. Enjoy! 

My links for each credit card: 

#1 - Best Balance Transfer Cards -

#2 - AMEX Everyday Card -

#3 - Discover It Card -

#4 - Chase Freedom Unlimited Card -

Finally, keep in mind that it's important to PAY OFF high interest credit card debt, and I never recommend carrying a monthly balance. Still, 0% APR balance transfer offers are a smart strategy for paying down debt while avoiding high interest rates. 

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