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S2 Episode 2: Phin & Sara DeMink 

BREWING UP SUCCESS - Phin and Sara DeMink are the founders and owners of Southern Tier Brewing Company.  The husband-wife duo shares stories about building their brewery from the ground up and how they grew to be a Top 15 U.S. Craft Brewing Company.

S2 Episode 1: Tucker Max 

JERK to CEO.  Tucker Max is known for writing stories about sex and drinking.  The New York Times bestselling author reveals how he said goodbye to his old self and shares the secrets behind his new venture Book in a Box.

S2 Preview 

Hosts Rich Douglas and Bill Easton introduce Producer Sean, thank listeners for Season 2 nominations, and announce the arrival of Guys Telling Stories Merch, including a fan design contest for their next t-shirt.

S1 Finale 

Join the guys as they take a look back at the first season of the Guys Telling Stories podcast.  Rich and Bill reflect on their favorite Season 1 stories and share memories from behind-the-scenes.

S1 Episode 11: John Gavigan 

Directing the $5 Million Startup Competition.  John Gavigan is Executive Director of 43North.  He tells stories about his childhood candy stand, the growth and sale of his own successful business, and the importance of asking for help.  John also talks about 43North and the organization's exciting future.

S1 Episode 10: Joe List 

Living a Lifetime of Comedy.  Joe List grew up listening to comedy albums and dreaming of becoming a comedian.  He tells stories about starting out at open mic nights in Boston, experiencing recent success with his appearance on NBC's Last Comic Standing, and the importance of not looking too far ahead in the future.

S1 Episode 9: Mike Shatzel 

Growing a Restaurant Empire.  Mike Shatzel is owner of seven successful restaurants and has plans to open a brewery.  Mike tells stories about his father putting him to work at a young age, how actor Ted Danson influenced his decision to attend culinary school in Canada, and the importance of surrounding yourself with top-notch people.

S1 Episode 8: Fred Frank 

How Dr. Frank Forever Changed the Wine Industry.  Fred Frank is the grandson to the founder of Dr. Frank Vinifera Wine Cellars.  Fred shares stories about his grandfather revolutionizing American wine production, bringing the family business into the 21st century, and the importance of learning to shave on another man's beard.

S1 Episode 7: Doug Allen 

What's It Like to be the Anthem Guy?  Doug Allen is the principle anthem singer for the Buffalo Sabres.  He tells stories about growing up on a farm, sending in his first audition tape, and the meaning behind The Point.  Doug also offers advice to anyone chasing a dream of their own.

S1 Episode 6: Heather Sidorowicz 

Jumping Into the Tech Industry. Heather Sidorowicz is a leader in the field of technology integration. She tells stories about starting in door-to-door sales, purchasing Southtown Audio Video from her father, and navigating the differences between commercial and residential business. Heather also discusses the importance of an exit strategy and offers advice to like-minded entrepreneurs.




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