Podcast Your Story - 20% Off Your First Recording

Podcast Your Story captures the moments that pass by too quickly - they record you telling a story from your life. Then the audio becomes a podcast you can share online with family, friends, and the entire world.


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Tabletop Gong - Deep Gong Sound

Rich thinks accomplishments are best acknowledged when a Tabletop Gong is involved.  Why enter a room normally, when instead you can hit a Tabletop Gong to announce your presence?  Literally, nothing has the ability to transport us to another time…

Fitbit Blaze - Smart Fitness Watch

Rich started counting steps as a New Year's resolution, and the Fitbit Blaze is his preferred smart watch.  It's an incredible fitness tracker that calculates steps, calories, and heart rate.  The Fitbit Blaze is also GPS enabled, allowing you to…