S2 Episode 11: Eric Hutchinson

Eric Hutchinson is a talented musician.  He tells stories about early success, opens up about personal challenges, and shares his excitement about his fourth studio album Easy Street.

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S2 Episode 10: Craig Muni

3-Time Stanley Cup Champion - Craig Muni is a hockey legend.  He tells stories about his NHL career, hoisting the Stanley Cup, and life after being a professional athlete.

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S2 Episode 9: Joe Licata

Quarterback Story - Joe Licata is a decorated quarterback. He tells stories about growing up, family, and his dream of playing quarterback at the highest level.

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S2 Episode 8: Mickey Gall

MMA Fighter - Mickey Gall is a UFC mixed martial artist.  He tells stories about calling out former WWE Champion CM Punk and what life is like for a professional fighter.

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S2 Episode 7: Christopher Harris

Fantasy Football Expert - Christopher Harris is an award-winning podcaster. He tells stories about life before joining ESPN and his decision to walk away then start Harris Football. He also talks about his resolute love for fiction writing. 

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S2 Episode 6: Rory Karpf

Evolution of a Filmmaker - Rory Karpf is an Emmy & Peabody award-winning filmmaker.  He tells stories of interning at the MTV Beach House & Late Night with Conan O'Brien.  He also talks about his work with NFL Flims, ESPN's…

S2 Episode 5: Mary Saxer

DEFYING GRAVITY - Mary Saxer is a professional pole vaulter.  In this two-part episode, she tells stories about pouring her heart and soul into pursuing her dream then opens up about how to deal with life's disappointments.

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S2 Episode 4: Anita Alvarez

USA Olympian - Anita Alvarez is a synchronized swimmer representing the United States at the Rio 2016 Olympics.  She tells stories about moving across the country to pursue her dream and what it's like to be an Olympic athlete.

S2 Episode 3: Steve Carbone

SPOILER ALERT - Steve Carbone is the mastermind behind RealitySteve.com, the website famous for spoiling "The Bachelor" and "The Bachelorette."  He tells stories about life before his first spoiler, being sued by the show, and the future of RealitySteve.com.

S2 Episode 2: Phin & Sara DeMink

BREWING UP SUCCESS - Phin and Sara DeMink are the founders and owners of Southern Tier Brewing Company.  The husband-wife duo shares stories about building their brewery from the ground up and how they grew to be a Top 15…

S2 Episode 1: Tucker Max

JERK to CEO.  Tucker Max is known for writing stories about sex and drinking.  The New York Times bestselling author reveals how he said goodbye to his old self and shares the secrets behind his new venture Book…

S2 Preview

Hosts Rich Douglas and Bill Easton introduce Producer Sean, thank listeners for Season 2 nominations, and announce the arrival of Guys Telling Stories Merch, including a fan design contest for their next t-shirt.