S3 Episode 6: Benjamin Watson

Benjamin Watson went from Super Bowl Champion to father of five!

He's tight end for the Baltimore Ravens and author of The New Dad's Playbook.

His tell-it-like-it-is advice on being a husband & father will help men everywhere get their head…

S3 Episode 5: Clint Hill

Clint Hill was a Secret Service agent for five U.S. presidents!

He climbed onto JFK’s limousine to shield the president and first lady during the assassination in November 1963.

He's author of the best-selling book Five Presidents, and you'll be…

S3 Episode 4: John Kimmich

John Kimmich brews the Holy Grail of beer!

He's owner of The Alchemist Brewery in Vermont, an active environmentalist, and creator of the legendary Heady Topper IPA.

You'll be shocked when you hear how Hurricane Irene destroyed everything ... LISTEN HERE!

S3 Episode 3: Andrew Hallam

Andrew Hallam became a millionaire on a teacher's salary then retired before the age of 40!

He's a bone cancer survivor, elite athlete, and author of the best-selling book Millionaire Teacher.

You'll be amazed when you hear his story…

S3 Episode 2: Matt Granite

Matt Granite helps people save money every single day!!

He's the Deal Guy on TV & YouTube, and his news segment features the biggest daily deals anywhere.

You'll never guess what happened 40 years ago that changed his life forever…

S3 Episode 1: Dave McGillivray

Dave McGillivray ran across the U.S. to raise money for children with cancer!!

He's race director of the Boston Marathon, and his sports management enterprise DMSE has helped raise millions for worthy causes.

You'll never forget the story he tells…

S2 Finale

Join the guys as they take a look back at the second season of the Guys Telling Stories podcast.  Rich, Bill, and Sean reflect on their favorite Season 2 moments and share memories from behind-the-scenes.

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S2 Episode 11: Eric Hutchinson

Eric Hutchinson is a talented musician.  He tells stories about early success, opens up about personal challenges, and shares his excitement about his fourth studio album Easy Street.

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S2 Episode 10: Craig Muni

3-Time Stanley Cup Champion - Craig Muni is a hockey legend.  He tells stories about his NHL career, hoisting the Stanley Cup, and life after being a professional athlete.

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S2 Episode 9: Joe Licata

Quarterback Story - Joe Licata is a decorated quarterback. He tells stories about growing up, family, and his dream of playing quarterback at the highest level.

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S2 Episode 8: Mickey Gall

MMA Fighter - Mickey Gall is a UFC mixed martial artist.  He tells stories about calling out former WWE Champion CM Punk and what life is like for a professional fighter.

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