Baby Boy Born Today!

This episode is all about our very own podcast host Rich Douglas and the day his first son was born! He tells the whole story, from the 4am wake up call all the way to holding his newborn son in…

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Tom Sartori

Singer-songwriter to poker player to world traveler, Tom Sartori tells all about how he turned his love for music into an amazing career full of success, travels, and extraordinary stories - LISTEN HERE!

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Biking Across the Florida Keys

100 mile bike ride across 42 bridges. Jerry and Ken Goldman organize the Florida Keys bike ride with their company Pedal Across Wisconsin. They tell what it's like cycling with palm trees, sunshine, and water on all horizons - …

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Fan Who Caught the Swedish Silver Medal

The fan who caught the Swedish hockey captain’s discarded silver medal at the 2018 World Junior Hockey Championship was none other than our very own podcast host Bill Easton!  He tells the whole story, including why he decided to…

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S4 Episode 7: Charlie Todd

Charlie Todd is famous for filming massively organized pranks in public places. His wildly successful company Improv Everywhere is known for the infamous No Pants Subway Ride and the legendary Grand Central Freeze - LISTEN HERE!

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S4 Episode 4: Johnny Jet

Johnny Jet visited 20 countries a year for over 20 years. This travel pro learned how to win the frequent flier game and now helps millions save money while traveling the world - LISTEN HERE!

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S4 Episode 3: SantaCon New York City

SantaCon NYC raised over $300,000 for charity. This annual gathering is a nonsensical celebration with thousands dressed as Santa Claus. Event volunteer Eliza Spear takes us behind the scenes of this phenomenon - LISTEN HERE!

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