YouTube Announcement | Rich Smith - Teacher Entrepreneurs

Here's the big news - Rich started a NEW YouTube channel.

With schools canceled and a government mandate to stay indoors, Rich decided to share his passion and knowledge about all things personal finance--money management, retirement, entrepreneurship, side hustles, real…

BEST Alaska Cruise

Here's exactly how to plan and take the BEST Alaska Cruise - we discuss the best time of year to cruise Alaska, the price of an Alaska cruise, and all the best things to do in Alaska at each cruise…

Flying for FREE with Southwest Companion Pass

Here's exactly how to get the Southwest Companion Pass - remember, this travel perk allows you to choose one person to fly with you, free of airline charges, for nearly two years on Southwest Airlines - LISTEN HERE!

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Captain Tammie Jo Shults Saves Flight 1380

Southwest Airlines Flight 1380 suffered catastrophic engine failure on April 17, 2018. Drawing on her years of training as a pilot in the US Navy, Captain Tammie Jo Shults successfully landed the passenger-filled airliner, saving the lives of 148 people…

Perfect Day in Aruba

One day in Aruba isn't enough time to experience everything this happy island has to offer.  In an effort to tackle the impossible, the guys tell stories about the best beaches, attractions, and restaurants with a whole lot of help--Ilana…

Relaunching Jolt Cola

Jolt Cola was relaunched by entrepreneur Chase Slepak.  After decades of dabbling in everything from bounty hunting to owning a car wash business, Chase eventually positioned himself to be the perfect person to bring America's original energy drink back to…

Niagara Falls Insider Tips

On a mission to plan the perfect trip to Niagara Falls, the guys ask travel blogger Lindsay Davies for her insider tips on the best time of year to visit, how to see the Falls up close, and must-see area…

Selling the "Home Alone" House

The "Home Alone" house changed owners just one time since the filming of the classic holiday movie. The guys talk with award-winning realtor Marissa Hopkins all about how she marketed and sold this one-of-a-kind home - LISTEN HERE!


World's Largest Disco with Dave Pietrowski

World's Largest Disco raised over $5 million for charity! This annual retro-themed party hosts thousands dressed in 1970's fashion. Event founder Dave Pietrowski tells how he started this phenomenon and kept it going strong for 25 years - LISTEN HERE!

Navy SEAL Entrepreneur Salvatore DeFranco

Navy SEAL Entrepreneur Disrupts Local Coffee Industry - Salvatore DeFranco talks all about his years of military service, surviving a traumatic hit-and-run car accident, and founding the innovative Battle Grounds Coffee Company - LISTEN HERE!

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